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Driven by a Contemporary Narrative guided by Lutheran Education essential practices.

Approximate Cost - $800 plus flights if required (cost includes ground transport, 3 nights accom and breakfast, workshop fees at schools  and tour dinner.) For Local Participants - We encourage you to try and also stay in the accommodation even if you live locally or at least partake in the informal networking activities after hours as this is where the rich discussions and "constructive innovative scheming" occurs. All participants are required to travel together in the tour vans.

The world is constantly changing and this is impacting the way people engage, workplace expectations and the skills required for people to be productive and happy in the contemporary world. Much educational research, educational organisations, OECD, UNESCO, governments, influential figures, industry and educators are thus calling for a radical shift in the way schools school and the way we see learners learn.

There is a call for students to have opportunities to highly develop contemporary skills and dispositions so that individuals can be engage fully and meaningfully in the world they live. The research and success stories around the world demonstrate that the new success metric requires that the focus should be on experiential based pedagogies and supporting the growth of skills such as critical thinking, natural curiosity, collaboration, deep empathy, entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience, grit etc.  This is in contrast to a more traditional model of education which has been content driven schooling supported by standardised testing. It is with this call that these learning tours are guided.

We all understand that changing the furniture or buildings alone does not bring about effective change in contemporary learning. This contemporary learning tour will include focused work at Silkwood School concentrating on student pathways, industry partnerships and student agency. Pedagogy, Culture, Physical environments and Project Based Learning will all be explored. Hillcrest College will be visited showing the rich PBL across middle school innovative learning environments.   Other visits will include Faith Lutheran College - Redlands  who are transforming the secondary school with vertical timetabling and flexible transdisciplinary PBL units replacing individual subjects across years 7-10. Faith Lutheran College Plainland has also started on a contemporary transformation across the secondary schools with shaking up the timetable structure, altering roles of learning leaders to focus on greater teaming and embarking on transdisciplinary creative units of work.

The Tour Dinner will occur on the night of the 8th March with additional guests from Lutheran Schools to enable rich discussion in an informal and comfortable atmosphere.

The Focus will be on Contemporary Learning Transformation with an understanding of experiential pedagogy, student pathways, timetable transformations however we will also look at contemporary learning design, future planning of school design, agile workplace culture and other versions of contemporary learning environments.

Hang On for a great Ride!!!

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