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Faith Lutheran College - Redlands

Faith Lutheran College Redlands displays how to create  sparks of contemporary innovation to help transform learning. One of the foci of the visit will be working with the year 6 - 10  teachers who over the last few years have been trusted to recreate and redefine learning in a contemporary world. It is a great example of how leadership, trust and support have enabled transformational change without requiring huge amounts of funding but leverages the passion and commitment of the educators. This has ignited further sparks across the p-12 college including vertical learning timetables and a surge of Gold Standard Project Based Learning.

"Today I was fortunate to catch up with Dave Moore and the progress of contemporary transformation at the secondary campus of Faith Lutheran College - Redlands. Not only have they tipped the timetable on its head and have students working and moving vertically across a number of English and Maths areas but they have completed stage 1 of creating outlines of 76 transdisciplinary units which will soon be transposed into rich PBL units across year’s 7-10. We do not solve problems in silos in the contemporary world so why should we at school!"

Silkwood School

Silkwood School 

"Twenty-one years ago, as a mother seeking an empowering educational experience for my two young girls, I set about creating something new."     Valerie Campbell-Hogg, CEO and Founder of Silkwood School

We will have a short visit to Silkwood School, who have from it's inception been forward thinking in re-desgning learning P-12.

Framed by the following 8 Learning Principles, Silkwood is making radical changes to traditional education including senior assessment, tertiary entrance and agile supportive conditions in timetabling and other structures to enable contemporary learning p-12.

1. Student-centred Learning

2. Developmental Learning

3. Real-world Learning

4. Making Moments that Matter

5. Exploring and Expanding Interests

6. Working in Partnership

7. Learning How to Learn

8. Entrepreneurial Thinking

Faith Plainland



























HillCrest College



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